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The Truth About Dog Rescue

Dogs come into Whitehall for various reasons. There are the cruelty cases we all hear about in the media, but there are also much less obvious reasons such as relationship breakdowns, financial difficulties or the owner passing away. The majority of our dogs come from local dog compounds where dogs that are found to be straying are taken.

Over the last two to three years we have seen the number of rescue dogs coming through Whitehall massively increase. Sadly at the same time we have also seen a huge decline in people wanting to adopt a rescue dog. In this section we aim to educate people about the current plight in the rescue world and enlighten people to the difficult and heart wrenching situations we face everyday. Sadly rescue work is rarely just an opportunity to cuddle up with our furry friends. Instead it is full of difficult emotional decisions, impossible situations and a lot of hard work.

Below are the current issues rescues are trying to combat.  WARNING - These linked pages contain graphic images which you may find distressing

The Dog Compounds and 'Death Row' Dogs

Over 150 dogs per week will end up like this in the UK - WARNING - Horrifying images

The Staffie Epidemic

Puppy Farming

Cruelty Cases