Re-home Your Dog

Whitehall Dog Rescue reserves its kennels for dogs that are due to be destroyed at the local Dog Compounds, but we do offer a service whereby you can send us the details of your dog that you wish to re-home, putting as much detail as possible about your dog in the form on our Contact Us page.  We will then keep these details on file and try to put you in touch with potential adopters until you inform us that you have re-homed your dog.

Please note that Whitehall Dog Rescue will not be responsible for the welfare of your dog.  This is your responsibility and it is up to you to make sure you are happy with any potential adopter.  You should visit the potential adopter and possibly ask for references from Vets, dog clubs, etc.

Also, you should be prepared, if the re-home is not successful, to take the dog back into your care and contact Whitehall Dog Rescue so that we can put your dog back on our list.  We will not be held responsible for taking your dog into our kennels if things don't work out.

Your dog's welfare is your responsibility.

Please go to our Contact Us page, where you will find a list of the information we require, answering truthfully as it's in the best interest of your dog and please do not forget to let us know when you have re-homed your dog, because not doing so can waste a lot of time for us and potential adopters.

After you have sent us the details, don't worry if you do not hear from us.  We will have your details on file.  It's just not possible, due to time restrictions, to reply to every email.  Also, we cannot say how long it will take before we put someone in contact with you as we will only pass on your contact details if we feel that the potential adopter may be suitable to offer your dog a good home.