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Whitehall Specialises in difficult case dogs. We take in the dogs that are harder to rehome due to their breed or pasts. Many have severe health problems with the chances of succesful treatments stacked against them. We never give up on our dogs. We believe all dogs deserve a chance. We rescue, rehabilitate and treat every dog regardless of the cost or length of time it may take. Whitehall has a 100% non destruct policy.

This video epitimizes what Whitehall is about. The dog in the video is beautiful Cesar who sadly passed last year. Cesar came in when he was found to suffer a condition rendering him paralysed. We were told he only had a 5 % chance to walk again. We took that chance and Cesar had another glorious 18 months.

The other video is of Sadie, Heidi and Eddie - 3 of our permament residents




About Whitehall Dog Rescue

Whitehall Dog Run

Whitehall Dog Rescue was set up by Brian Wheelhouse in 1992 after finding out that stray and unwanted dogs collected by dog wardens or handed in to the police had a very short time to live if they didn't find a home. The dogs were taken to private kennels who had the contracts with police and dog wardens. The dogs were put on hold for 7 days and if a new owner could not be found in this time, the dogs were put to sleep.

Brian ran a motorcycle and car sales business in Leeds and decided to try and help the plight of these poor unwanted dogs, so he converted part of his showroom and built in kennels to accommodate his new guests. A licence was sought from Leeds City council to make sure kennels came to specification. These kennels were used right up to 2004 and helped save the lives of hundreds of dogs.

Whitehall VanThe decision was made to close the car sales business as the dog rescue was taking 99% of the time. So Brian relocated to a farm in East Ardsley in Wakefield (nr Leeds) where he continues to rescue dogs from death row.

Whitehall is dedicated in its quest to save the lives of these unwanted dogs. We aim to provide the best facilities possible for our rescue dogs. We try to create an atmosphere as close to home as possible for our dogs. We work hard to rehabilitate and train the dogs and provide whatever treatment they may need.

Whitehall operates a strict NO KILL policy. No healthy dog is ever put to sleep with us, no matter what behavioral or medical problems the dog may have. If the dog cannot be rehomed it remains with us and lives out its days as part of the 'Permanent Residents Club'.

The last couple of years have seen masses of work done to improve the facilities at the kennels.


Our Patrons

We are proud and honoured to have 5 outstanding patrons providing invaluable support for the work of the Rescue: Jan Fennell (The Dog Listener), Leeds City councillors Jack Dunn and Bernard Atha, BBC Look North presenter Nicola Rees and her husband BBC Radio Leeds Presenter Bob Walmsley  Click this link for more information

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