Puppy Farms

Puppies have recently become something of a fashion statement. Pet superstores have now opened and almost every breed of dog can be purchased from the shelf. But where do these cute puppies come from? Where are their parents?

puppy farm neglect







These puppies come from what are known as puppy farms.

These are huge big breeding factories in which dogs are kept in appalling conditions and used purely as money making commodities. The demand is high for cute puppies from superstore’s, the breeding dogs are literally bred to death! The puppies are often sick due to ill health of the parents and almost always socially inept due to lack of socialisation of the parents. Please read on and discover the life of a puppy farm dog before buying from a puppy farm. Spare a thought for these poor dogs and the HUNDREDS of others that will suffer the same fate.



DaisyDaisy was 4. She lived her life as a tool to make money from. She never knew a home, a special family or a fire side. She had litter after litter, but when her weight dropped, her breathing was laboured, she could have no more pups, she was given to a rescue to home. It was decided immediately that she must see the vet. She sat in the waiting room for her turn to come and was cuddled, probably for the first time in her short life. She went into the vets room, he listened to her heart, it was laboured, her belly swollen with fluid, all too far gone for help. She sat not able to stand any longer, the decision was made, she gave her paw while being cuddled. The vet nurse found the vein and the vet injected the yellow fluid to send her to sleep forever. Her living hell was over, we can only hope that a better place awaits her.

For those people who paid hundreds of pounds for her puppies, they will probably have inherited the same heart condition from their mother and will live very short lives!!

Rottie breeding bitch



Rotty bitch gone past her sell by date so thrown out on the street by the breeder - thin, little coat and eyes that wept with pus. She has now had a successful eye operation that was done to restore her vision and stop the constant infection where her eye lashes grew in and rubbed relentlessly on her eyes. Her hair has grown back, and her loving nature is coming though.

young labrador










This Labrador is just 18 months old though he looks 10. Poor dog didn't make the grade as a stud dog. He is blind in one eye because the breeders left an ulcer in his eye untreated which burst. He is with kind people who are trying to help him forget the last 18mths but he is still very traumatised. Time may be a great healer but it won't give him his eyesight back.





Please think carefully before deciding to buy a puppy. Why not consider taking a rescue dog instead, most rescues in the UK are full and in desperate need of loving homes. Hundreds of dogs die every week in the dog pound because enough homes cannot be found for the every rising numbers of unwanted abandoned dogs. If there is no demand, the puppy farmers and irresponsible breeders will be put out of business!!!!


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