Dog Compounds


The dog compounds are kennels that the local council employs to accommodate straying dogs.  Here they are kept for 7 days in order for their owner to reclaim them.  After these 7 days, the council holds no more responsibility for the dog and stops paying the kennels.  Some of the kennels will then attempt to find a rescue spot for unclaimed dogs, if no rescue spot can be found then the dog is euthanaised.

The dogs unfortunate enough to be in the pound on 7 days notice are known in the rescue world as Death Row Dogs!

Dog poundThe dog compounds are very basic, often with substandard facilities.  The dogs are not walked in their time in the kennels and remain in their pen the entire time.  The dogs have to defacate in this pen and disease spreads quickly and often lethally.   This pen is normally a 6ft by 10ft enclosure with no heat lamps, no bedding and nothing for amusement.  They are often nothing more than cold damp, concrete prisons.  The only food on offer is a handful of cheap dried biscuits in the water bowl, and even this is often not on offer on their last day; the kennel owners do not want any accidents in their vehicles on the way to the vets and think it pointless to waste the food on a dog that is due to die.  So the dogs spend their last 7 days of life cold, damp, lonely and they go to their deaths hungry.

Sadly, the number of dogs that meet their fate in this manner is shocking. Last year over 9000 dogs were murdered this way in the UK.   Their only crime was to be surplus to requirements!Over 150 dogs per week will end up like this in the UK

Over 150 dogs per week will end up like this in the UK

80% of the dogs that Whitehall sheltered last year came from Death Row. Without us these dogs would have died.  Sadly the numbers of dogs going through the pound system is so high now that all of the rescues are struggling to cope.  The reality is we have no more spaces!  We are all, having to leave dogs behind!

‘Don’t Breed or Buy While Homeless Dogs Die’


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