Cruelty Cases

Every year Whitehall sees many cruelty cases.  These dogs are heart wrenching cases, many of which we have to nurse back from the brink of death.  Every picture tells a tale and these are but a few of the terrible ordeals we have had to witness.  This year Whitehall saw its saddest case ever with Jack.

Jack's Story

JackThis is one of the saddest tales Whitehall has ever had to tell!  We see many animals suffering but in the history of the rescue we have never seen such cruelty before!

On Fri 17th September between the hours of 12am and 5am, someone left this poor dog outside the gates of Whitehall wrapped in an orange sheet.  They made no attempt to call or knock on the door to alert us to the fact he was there.  Sadly Brian found him dead in the early hours of the morning.  Had somebody alerted us, maybe we could have saved him.

The unbelievable suffering this dog has had to endure has shocked all of us within the rescue.  We have called him Jack, we thought he deserved a name at the least.  Jack had been severely starved.  His dew claws were so long they were growing round and into his pads.  He has pressure sores on his side probably because he has been far too weak to move

We are appealing for any information on how Jack came to be left at the gate.   If anyone knows anything please contact Brian on 07831421715 so we can bring Jack's abusers to justice.

Jack The photos you have seen are upsetting and shocking, but we as a rescue decided to show them.  We feel it is important that people know the true extent of what we have to face within rescue.  There are many dogs currently waiting on death row at the dog compound.  We have taken in as many as we have space for but without rehoming some of the dogs we currently have, we have no choice but to leave many dogs.  Hundreds of dogs will die everyday in the dog compound.  They will not be fed on their last day and will go to their deaths hungry and alone.   Please help us by adopting a rescue dog and not buying a puppy.  For every dog we rehome, another is saved!

If you know anything that may help with justice for Jack, please call.  Your call will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

God bless you Jack.  You were too good for this world!

The sentences for animal cruelty are simply not harsh enough and sadly the abuse continues.  These cases drain the rescue of resources and we struggle to pay the ever mounting vet fees and rehabilitate these poor traumatised dogs.  Below are just a few of the dogs and cats that have passed through our gates.

Please help us continue our precious work.

before after
Before After


Henry before Henty after
Henry before Henry after


Magic had her eye burned by being held to a car exhaust
before after
Magic before Magic now looking and feeling better


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