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This is Mitch. He is a Labrador cross Staffie that is about Labrador height but slimmer in build. He was born approx 2011.

Mitch came into our care when sadly his owner had died and because there was no one that could offer him a home he was going to be put to sleep. He is a lovely dog and loves all people but he can get a bit too pleased to see people resulting in a very excitable dog especially when he visits places like the Vets or when people visit him. He does calm down but he just thinks all people are his best friend and wants to make a fuss of them. Hence Mitch requires a home that can cope with this excitement and would be suited to a more experienced owner that can teach Mitch to be calmer in the future.

Mitch is good with other Dogs but will not tolerate another dog having a go at him so again a more experienced owner can keep an eye on this.   Mitch has shown no aggression to our resident cats and is good with children but because of the fact he is an excitable dog at first he would be better suited to a home with teenagers upwards or with no children at all.

As you can see in the video Mitch is very much toy orientated and when he goes out on a lead he takes his Toy with him everywhere he goes which helps to calm him down and makes him a very easy dog to walk on a lead.

If you would like to discuss wether you are the right owner for Mitch and he is the right dog for you please telephone Brian on 07831 421715 (Please do not send texts messages or emails)


Keiko's story

It is bad enough when someone has such disregard for the feelings of a dog to tie it up to railings etc and walk off and leave it to all the dangers that could fall upon that dog but its nothing short of evil to do it to a dog that is totally blind.

Keiko's blindness is due to neglect and sadly she was tied up and left where she remained until people that did care contacted the authorities and she was taken to the dog compound. Fortunately for Keiko, the dog compound she was taken to works very hard to try find places for the dogs they take in from the wardens and they contacted ourselves and so Keiko arrived into our care.

Keiko is a female Japanese Akita that is approx 2 to 3 years old with the most beatiful temperament with humans (despite what some human has done to her).

She has not yet been introduced to other dogs and we feel she may need time to get to know dogs.

Regarding Keiko's blindness, it is sadly now for life, but it is amazing to watch how she copes with it and uses her remaining senses to compensate for her loss of sight.  Having said that, we need that extra special home and owners for Keiko so she can start and catch up for lost time and to give her the love that it is clear to see Keiko didn't receive with her previous owner.

They say love is blind ... well in this case Keiko certainly has lots of love to give!!!!! If you want to meet Keiko please contact Brian on 07831 421715 (PLEASE DO NOT TEXT OR EMAIL)

This is Reggie.   He is a Spanish Mastiff that was born approx early 2011.  He is about the size of a German Shepherd.

Sadly Reggie was going to be destroyed after is owner got a custodial sentence so Whitehall took him in.  He is a dog that is very eager to learn and would benefit from more experienced owners.  Reggie gets on with other dog's but if they become bossy with him he would get bossy back.

Although Reggie is friendly we are looking for a child free home for him.  If you think you can offer Reggie a forever home please contact Brian on 07831 421715 (PLEASE DO NOT TEXT OR EMAIL).


This is Kia.  She was born approx 2007.  She is an Akita cross that is about 25% smaller than an Akita.  Kia's owner sadly had a stroke and could no longer look after her, so the man's family booked Kia in to the vets to be put to sleep.  Fortunately we heard of this and she came to us instead.

Kia loves people and gets on well with other dogs, but we are looking for a home without children as she can be a bit food/chew possessive. (We feed her separate from her K9 pals).

If you can offer Kia a forever home, contact Brian on 07831 421715 (PLEASE DO NOT TEXT OR EMAIL).


This is Maverick he is a very friendly Husky that was born approx early 2011.

Maverick was taken by the Police for a stay at the vets after he was run over by a van and suffered severe bruising but we are glad to say no broken bones.  He was then taken to the dog compound where he was due to be destroyed because his owner failed to claim him within the 7 day holding period. That's where Whitehall came in and Maverick has never looked back.  he was a very poorly and underweight dog at the time, but he is now on top form.

He gets on well with other dogs and loves nothing more to spend hours out with his K9 pal Kana.  he is a very intelligent dog and can soon work out how to open up gate catches etc so his new home would need to be safe and secure.

We would prefer to re-home Maverick to a home with experience of the breed and preferably with another dog or dogs as Huskies are real pack animals.  If you can offer Maverick a special home for life please contact Brian on 07831 421715 (PLEASE DO NOT TEXT OR EMAIL)

This is Bruce. He is a Sharpei cross that was born approx mid 2012. He was brought into us by the Dog Wardens after he had being hit by a car resulting in Bruce's front leg being broken. He is now fully recovered and running around our field at a great pace! Bruce is a lively dog and loves lots of attention.

We have not tried him yet with other dogs, but he will bark at them when he is on a lead, but wag his tail at them when he see's them through his kennel door. (We will update later on this). Bruce will need to go to a home with either no children or teenagers upwards because of how lively he is and can't help himself jumping up.

If you can offer Bruce a forever home, contact Brian on 07831 421715 (PLEASE DO NOT TEXT OR EMAIL).

Buddy and Holly

This is the legendary Buddy and Holly . . .   They were born approximately 2007 and have always lived together hence we require a forever home that can keep the duo together.  They were left with a lady when her son went into the army and then the lady handed them into the dog compound and sadly they couldn't be found a home within the 7 days holding time so were going to be destroyed.

They are both very well behaved dogs and love each other to pieces but are not brilliant with other dogs on first meeting.

If you can offer Buddy and Holly a forever home, contact Brian on 07831 421715 (PLEASE DO NOT TEXT OR EMAIL).


This is Kana. She is a Japanese Akita that was sadly due to be destroyed at the Dog compound after she had being dumped and left to fend for herself.

Kana was born approx early 2010. She is typical of the breed, where she loves people, but takes time to accept other dogs, but once she does know them she is extremely good with them.

She gave Maverick the Husky a hard time at first, but within no time she was and is best friends with him and they now share the same kennel and spend many hours playing out in the field together.

Because of her size we are looking for a home with an experienced owner, but without children.   If you have another dog/s, we are more than willing to spend the time in socializing them all until they are all good friends.   If you can offer Kana the home that she should have had from the start, please contact Brian on 07831 421715 (PLEASE DO NOT TEXT OR EMAIL)


This is little Stella. She is a small female Staffie that was born approximately October 2013.

Stella loves hunans and is very good with other dogs and, whilst on our walks, she even wagged her tail at a cat.

Stella was collected from the dog compound after she was found abandoned walking the streets.  Her skin has been neglected and was very bad and inflamed, but after several trips to our vets, she is now making a good recovery.

We have Stella kenneled with Snoopy, one of our other rescue dogs, and she is extremely good with him so she will be fine to live with other dogs.

If you think you can offer Stella a secure and happy future, please call Brian on 07831 421715 (please do not text or email)


Meet Milo

Milo's owner walked him in to a Vets and asked for him to be put to sleep because he said Milo was lunging at other Dogs when out on a lead. The Vets kindly rang round various rescues because they were loathed to destroy a healthy dog that at the time wasn't even 4yrs old. (Born approx June 2010). He had also won them over by how much he loves people young or old.

Milo goes out with other Dogs at the rescue and on the whole is very good with them, but occasionly he will blot his card with the occasional dog hence we have got Milo used to wearing a muzzle so as not to get him into trouble.

Milo has his favourites and is kennelled with one of our other rescue dogs, Bruce, and he gets on with him with no issues at all so this proves that Milo is well and truly capable of living with another dog.  Milo is a typical Staffie and is very lively so if you want a couch potato Milo wouldn't be the dog for you. If you want a dog with loads of character and loads of love to give then Milo is the dog for you!

If you would like to come and meet Milo please phone Brian on 07831 421715 (do not text or email please).


Jake  This is Jake. He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that was born approximately May 2014.

Jake was collected from the Dog Compound after he was found wandering the streets.  He was in very poor condition with lots of sores and very underweight.  Sadly he was going to be put to sleep due to the fact no one had come forward to collect him.

Jake loves people young or old and loves to play ball games. He will get on with other dogs once he trusts them but this takes a little time. Jake does not like cats.

If you have plenty of time to offer Jake a safe and loving home please telephone Brian on 07831 421715 (Please do not text or email).


Misty  This is Misty.  She is a Collie Cross that was born approximately 2010.

We collected Misty from the Dog Compound on the day she was to be put to sleep after her owner failed to collect her.   Misty is medium in size, so about the size of a small Border Collie.

Although Misty goes out with other dogs at the rescue, she is a dog that would be better suited to a home without other pets as she can get jealous of another dog seeking attention from her owner.   She does not get on with cats or small animals and would also need a home without young children.   She is a very affectionate dog with People and would need someone that could give her lots of time and exercise rather than someone that is out at work.

If you think you can offer Misty the home she deserves please contact Brian on 07831 421715 (Please do not Text or Email) .

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